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But we can’t all do that. So the next best thing I can offer is this new episode of a podcast I do with my friend Emily, in which we wander along the coast, listen to the waves and the birds and uncover the stories, legends and mysteries of the place.

Country Living has just been very nice about us, saying it is essential listening. BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Hour says Edge of England is lovely, with a Detectorists feel and listening to it is like getting a hug. We all need one of those right now, don’t we? If only.

Anyway, in the new lockdown special episode we mess about a bit and make each other laugh, but also talk about some interesting stuff including a detailed look at The Light Keeper, the characters and how the story relates to real life, and how it was written. I thought you might be interested, so here’s the link, click on this to listen.


You can also get it through Spotify, iTunes and all the usual podcast places.
Let me know what you think. The paperback is out next week. I’ll be in touch.

Thanks, love and strength,

4 comments on “Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit and chat?

  1. Wendy Charlton says:

    How do I get on the podcast? I tried taping it but it didn’t work.


    1. Cole Moreton says:

      Hi Wendy. If you follow this link you should be able to listen directly from the Edge of England website. Thanks for being interested.


  2. Rachel Ellis says:

    Dear Cole, I’ve known Emily for quite a few years through the radio….. she recorded a conversation with a friend for ‘The Listening Service’ and then she followed my 6 month Sabbatical Trip to work at The Kampala Music School, broadcasting my weekly audio diary.
    A week or so ago, I finally started to catch up with the Edge of England podcast.
    I really enjoyed it…. and yesterday heard the new one, recorded on a Zoom meeting.
    I’m very excited to get a copy of ‘The Light Keeper’, although I suspect it may be a rather bittersweet read for me (and might take me a while as I’m not a very good reader) as my late-husband Hugo took his own life at Beachy Head over 9 years ago. I’ve not been back to Beachy Head since the 1st anniversary of Hugo’s death, but am feeling quite drawn to visit again, hopefully with one or even both of my daughters….. perhaps on his birthday in July, we might be allowed out by then. I wish you so well with the book and all your other work.
    Many blessings


    1. Cole Moreton says:

      Dear Rachel, thank you so much for your note. Thank you for listening, too.


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